Build Services

At Woods Home Design, we have the experience required to ensure that your home is designed and built to the highest degree of quality.

As we are an architectural design and build company, we are able to provide a fully managed and efficient experience to each of our clients from initial conception, through to completion and aftercare support.


To begin with, we will arrange a consultation to provide an overview of how Woods Home Design can help you design and build your home or extension. We will also detail exactly how we will work with you at each stage of the project.


During the initial consultation, we will also discuss with you exactly what you want from your new home. Once we know exactly what you are looking to achieve, a building measurement survey and any third party investigations will be conducted so that we can begin to produce the existing property designs and move into the conceptual design process.


As we work in a collaborative way with every one of our clients, we like to keep you at the centre of the design process. Once the building measurement survey and existing designs have been completed, we will start working on your conceptual design.


Once we have reached an agreed conceptual design, we will submit your application to the local authority for planning approval. We maintain consistent contact with your designated planning officer to ensure that we reach a decision in as timely a manner as possible.

Detailed Design

When we receive confirmation that the planning permission has been approved, we will then move into the detailed design stage, carrying out the building regulation drawings and any structural calculations. It is here when we will also put together your production information, ready for construction to commence.

Interior Design

Within the production information, a schedule of fixtures and fittings will be produced. This allows you to specify exactly what level of finish you would like in your new home. We are able to work within a varied range of budgets. We can also provide specialist Interior Design services if required.


Through the use of bespoke build programmes and working schedules we can deliver an organised, tidy and efficient build. We have trusted trades people that we use on every project to deliver a premium quality to suit every budget.

Completion and Support

When we reach the completion of your build, we will provide all of the final warranties and certificates for your new home. We will then hand over the finished property and be on hand to provide any additional support you may need.